About Us

Global Connections is a refugee resettlement support center located in Wilmington, North Carolina that enriches the lives of refugees resettling from all over the world. Global Connections provides case management support, cultural orientation, educational and enrichment services for local refugees. Support our volunteer or donor programs to become a ‘global connector’ and help us make real social change, locally and globally.

Through self-sufficiency programming, and community partnerships/ referrals, we support and ensure the well-being of all individuals and families resettling as refugees in Southeastern North Carolina. Global Connections also provides case management, employment, and resettlement support services. 

Global Connections Resettlement Support Center serves some of Wilmington’s most at risk and impoverished community members, living in displacement from their home country due to war, violence, and/or persecution. We predominantly serve people from Burma, different parts of Africa, Colombia, and Cuba. Check out the following links to learn more about the global refugee crisis, displaced populations, and refugee-resettlement.

ILM Refugees Welcome Wilmington, North Carolina Airport meeting new arrivals from Democratic Republic of Congo
Volunteer Friends School Wilmington Co-sponsor Team meets new arrivals at the ILM airport in November, 2016.

With nearly 70 million forcibly displaced people in the world, every good deed and loving connection helps make the world a better, more peaceful place (Via UNHCR). Join us on our humanitarian mission and become a Global Connector.