Event Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with local refugees and for a humanitarian cause. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities with varying commitment levels and age requirements. Volunteering with events often requires a shorter-term commitment, with most volunteer slots being fulfilled within a half-day. Cultural mentor volunteers commit for a longer time-frame but get to cherish deeper relationships with our global friends.

Some volunteer openings can be accomplished with children, youth groups, etc.

Each year we need volunteers for seasonal Clothing Drives and our World Refugee Day Festival held around June 22nd each year. Please email GlobalConnectionsILM@Gmail.com to sign up to volunteer.

If you’re interested in helping with a weekly cultural orientation or specialty class (finance, cooking, sewing, job coaching, jewelry making, soap making, etc.), please email us at GlobalConnectionsILM@gmail.com.

Please check our Facebook Page to see announcements for upcoming volunteer and community events!